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echnology▓ Demonstration Park are under constr▓uction; the "Yunnan ---Siem Reap friendl▓y Agricultural Scienc

e and Technology Demonstration Park" w▓hich is located in Siem Reap province of Cambodia is to be completed in October,2009 ; Besides

t▓he "northern Laos agricultural science and tech▓nology demonstration and promotion center" has been officially started

in July, 2009."The four parks constructed▓ with the three countries have displayed different crops accord

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ion of hybrid rice, maize, flowers and fruit garden▓ as a part of the tourism industry,

whil▓e the Vietnam-China Agricultural Science and Technology Dem▓onstration Park in BaoShan focuses on introducing variet▓ies of tropical fruits in Vietnam to China, such as the ▓mango, grapefruit, guava and other tropical fruits as▓ well as the insect resistant coffee.In today's pressurised environment, feeling unusually tired is an accept▓ed part of life for many people. But I

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